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Ready to Surf?

If you've signed up with Elirion, you're probably an old hand at the Internet. However, you may learn a thing or two from our guide to safe surfing.

Get a modem and an Internet Access account.

A good modem can make all the difference in connect speed. Most Windows computers these days come with a Winmodem, which uses the computer's processor to run the modem as well as transfer data. A better modem may have a better modem driver. An external modem (except for USB) only uses the processor to transfer data. All of this may translate to a faster connect speed. But if you're only getting 26KBPS or so, first check your phone line is 56K capable.

Protect yourself from email viruses.

We recommend both Symantec's Norton Anti-Virus and McAfee VirusScan. Or try the free (for non-commercial use) anti-virus programs from GRISOFT or H+BEDV Datatechnik GMBH.

Protect yourself from hackers.

Think an anti-virus program is all you need to be safe? Think again! Install a firewall and see just how often malicious users are trying to access your computer.

We recommend ZoneLabs' ZoneAlarm. There's also a firewall in Windows XP.

Windows Users: try Windows Update.

Keep your computer up to date with all the latest security fixes.

Keep your drivers up to date.

Your hardware manufacturer may have released updated drivers to solve compatibility problems.

Make the most of your browser. Get some plug-ins.

We recommend PowerArchiver or WinZip for compressed files. Or try the free Stuffit Expander. For Acrobat files (PDF) use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Many web sites use Macromedia Flash or Shockwave. To enjoy online video and audio, try the Microsoft Media Player, RealPlayer, or Apple QuickTime (all free).

See your browser's online help for instructions on installing plug-ins as the technology varies with the browser.

Consider USENET

Tired of speed-reading all those messages from email lists you've subscribed to? "News" services store messages on a server, which you visit and read when you have the time. No need to unsubscribe or suspend a lists while you're away from your computer on vacation or business. The classic news service is USENET, with thousands of news groups to choose from. You can read USENET using a news reader (included in Netscape and Outlook Express) and a news server account (included with some access accounts). Or you can read USENET via a web page at Google Groups and other sites. Some companies offer private news groups for technical support and other communities.

Publish your personal home page.

Share pictures with family and friends; put up your resume for the world to see; share your interests with the world.

Try using the popular Microsoft FrontPage, or the less expensive NetObjects Fusion MX. Eventually you'll want to upgrade to professional quality programs like Adobe GoLive.

As an Elirion customer, you can publish your personal home page to members.elirion.net by... (Not applicable to dial access only accounts; be sure to check our Acceptable Use Policy.)

Use vacation mail.

Going to be out of town and expecting important e-mail? Our vacation mail feature will reply to incoming mail with a personalized message. It's available through your personal control panel.



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